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Welcome to the AlphaWallet Wiki!

What's New - The Latest Changes

New-Logo.png lanched! 6-Oct-2018
AlphaWallet Android version 1.2 released 7-Sep-2018
AlphaWallet iOS version 1.2 released 1-Sep-2018
FIFA World Cup blockchain tickets test report released 20-Aug-2018
FIFA World Cup blockchain tickets test plan lanched 5-Jun-2018
AlphaWallet Android version 1.0 released 30-May-2018
AlphaWallet Joins The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance 25-May-2018
AlphaWallet iOS version 1.0 released 9-May-2018

About AlphaWallet


AlphaWallet (Stormbird Pte. Ltd.) is a blockchain startup focused on Layer 2, Offchain blockchain protocol development and consumer terminal application platform development to Improve the usability, performance and privacy of blockchain. The AlphaWallet App is an Ethereum smart contract tool and a protocol runtime platform for the average consumer. ERC 875 is a non-fungible token standard for business cases. Developers and businesses can easily use ERC 875 token to refer to People, Things, Objects and Rights in the physical or digital world, and achieve efficient atomic transaction.

Getting Started


  • AlphaWallet Overview
AlphaWallet is an easy to use crypto wallet that interacts with smart contracts delivering real world use cases.
  • Team
Would like to know our team? clike here
  • Protocals
AlphaWallet's protocols allow you to run as much of your business logic off-chain as possible. Keep your private information locally and away from the blockchain.

On-Line and Support

  • Local Forums
You can find the forum in your language, If you would like to maintain a local forum using your language, please mail
  • Telegram Group
You can join the instant replay in [1]
  • Social Media
You can follow our official accounts to contact [2]

Get Apps

  • Download iOS version
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  • Download Android version
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  • Automatically download on mobile phones
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  • Get the apk directly (NOT recommend)
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Follow Us

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Geting Involved



A part of OpenSource is giving back to the community by getting involved. There are numerous of options to do that.

Share your experience and help each other
Communicate in the group
  • Want to get involved more?
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We support developments on ERC875. ERC875 is a non-fungible token protocol. You can explore many interesting things while using ERC875 to develope, here comes the materiels and guide to learn about ERC875.

You can read ERC875 first and get a sample from here [3]
The article worth reading before developement.

Use Cases


AlphaWallet and ERC875 have a few awesome use cases. Designed to be the mobile blockchain gateway, AlphaWallet provides the power to service the real world. while maintaining a history of every change, AlphaWallet could be used as

   Tickets solution
   Your own token factory
   Cryto wallet
   Blockchain apps hub
   —and more to explore

Open Source


AlphaWallet is an open source project under the Apache 2.0 License. We are strongly supporting open source and encourage to involve.

  • Official repos
  • License
AlphaWallet is released and open source under the license of Apache 2.0

Wiki Editing

How to create an account, and the dos and do-nots for Wiki contributors.
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